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95% of the world’s cargo is moving via sea freight. Shipping by sea has been known to be cost-saving. With the recent developments and digital freight services offered by the carriers, sea freight has elevated its service level to a higher quality.

CargoTechs is bringing the freight forwarding service up to speed with the fast developments offered by the shipping lines. With our digital freight forwarding solutions, our customers are able in less than a minute and <span style=”text-decoration: line-through;”>a</span> few clicks to explore different prices out of which they are sure to find the optimal option that fulfills their needs and expectations.

Once the option is selected and confirmed, the shipper will step into our shipment profile and enjoy all that our platform offers; a full hands-on experience that will take all your shipping challenges away.

The CargoTechs tools are very useful and easy-to-use to help you make even better decisions. Our HS Code Finder, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, and other tools are designed to make your life easier.

Our strong and professional customer service team is there for you 24 hours to answer your questions and make your shipping experience enjoyable.

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