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CargoTechs Air

Moving things by airfreight has always been considered an expensive and time-sensitive solution. When choosing airfreight, the shipper expects to get the highest quality of service and best results in the shortest period of time.

CargoTechs presented the airfreight solution to meet the customer expectations … and more. 

Our Instant quotation provides you with several options to suit your budget and meet with the deadline, you have in mind. A few clicks are enough to go through the quotation wizard and our rates will be there waiting for you in a matter of seconds. 

After you choose the right price for you, the processing of your shipment starts immediately. You are able to view your shipping documents draft within a minute. With our hands-on tracking system, rest assured that you will know the whereabouts of your shipment at any time. 

Our 24 hours customer service agents are always there for you to answer your questions. Our team is highly trained and fully equipped to help overcome 

any logistical challenge. 

CargoTechs platform also offers fun-to-use tools for the air freight shippers such as the chargeable weight calculator, currency converter, HS code finder, … and more

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