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As a premier provider of less-than-truckload freight transportation, we offer our logistics customers a world-class network, advanced technology, and excellent customer service.
Air Solutions
Moving things by airfreight has always been considered an expensive and time-sensitive solution. When choosing airfreight, the shipper expects to get the highest quality of service and best results in the shortest period of time.

Sea Solutions

Shipping by sea has been known to be cost-saving. CargoTechs is bringing the freight forwarding service up to speed with the fast developments offered by the shipping lines.

Land Solutions

Our land transport option provides some eye-opening tools and hands-on processes. Once you start shipping by land with us, you will be able to feel the difference right away. 

Logistics Solutions
CargoTechs logistics division offers you a “pit-stop” for your cargo whenever it’s needed. The warehousing solutions we offer are not only for simple storage. You can always depend on us for value-added services.

Why CargoTechs for Your Global Business

CargoTechs was created and is continuously developing for new generations of customers, and to be able to leave a mark in the future of the Supply Chain world, and to provide a better day for everyone.

Efficient proccess

Smooth moving from one milestone to another till your shipment is handled safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively to its final destination

Online tracking

Our tracking tool gives you strong visibility of every step of your cargo process and movement. You can almost feel like moving it yourself

Logistics Consulting

Looking for help in efficiently managing your logistics with regards to cost and time? You can count on our team for guidance.

Quality services

Our aim in implementing automation is to deliver top-notch service quality, while still having our skilled team available to you.

Hands-on reports

Utilizing our reporting tool can lead to better decision-making for your business, as well as cost savings and fewer shipping delays.

Instant quotation

Get your shipping rate in a few seconds, just follow the quotation wizard and all our rate options are there waiting for you

A Unified Logistics Infrastructure 

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