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As a premier provider of less-than-truckload freight transportation, we offer our logistics customers a world-class network, advanced technology, and excellent customer service.

We make your work more productive

Efficient proccess
Smooth moving from one milestone to another till your shipment is handled safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively to its final destination
Online tracking
Our online tracking tool gives you strong visibility of every step of your cargo process and movement. You can almost feel like moving it yourself
Logistics Consulting
Need advice on how to attend to your logistics needs with cost and time efficiency? No problem our team is there to assist you
Quality services
Our main goal behind automation, is to provide you with the highest quality of service while our experienced team is still there to back you up
Hands-on reports
Our reporting tool is a way to assist you in making better business and logistics decisions, reducing your costs, and avoiding shipping delays
Instant quotation
Get your shipping rate in a few seconds, just follow the quotation wizard and all our rate options are there waiting for you

A unified logistics infrastructure providing worldwide access.

Our representatives have an in-depth understanding of the market and industry dynamics within your area. We collaborate with you to provide services that are tailored to your precise timing and handling requirements.

Our nationwide network is engineered to ensure your freight is delivered in a timely manner and arrives in pristine condition. Our cutting-edge technology provides you with the utmost in logistical optimization.

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Worldwide shipping

CargoTechs is your worldwide local around-the-corner shipping and logistics friend, our aim is to bring the world to the palm of your hand. All you have to do is to create your CargoTechs account and leave the rest for us.

Reliable new-age solutions

CargoTechs starts and ends with the customers’ needs, expectations, and hope for what is better. It evolves as the customers evolve. We are opening the doors for you to step inside the CargoTechs world

Why CargoTechs

CargoTechs was created and is continuously developing for new generations of customers, and to be able to leave a mark in the future of the Supply Chain world, and to provide a better day for everyone.


We are here to provide cost and time-saving solutions, fewer challenges and more options, Digital Freight is the new age of shipping and we are there to do it better.


If we offer the service, we surely, do it in the right way. Our passion is to put a smile on your face and attend to your shipping and logistics needs better than anyone else.

Digital logistics solutions will increase efficiency and productivity through the integration of data aggregation, analysis and automated processes, producing insights that optimize customer experience in a timely manner.

Our tailored logistics platform provide companies with the capability to utilize innovative technologies to effectively ship cargos, monitor shipments as they occur, and accurately forecast spendings.


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